Coffee & Tea

We source our coffee from specialty roaster Necessary Coffee, based out of Lancaster, P.A. Necessary Coffee is dedicated to ethical practices from seed to cup, benefiting producing partners and creating some seriously delicious coffee. 


Hot Drip Coffee S 2.75 M 3.25 L 3.75
Cold Brew Coffee M 3.75 L 4.75
Espresso Double 2.75 Quad 4
Cappuccino S 3.75 M 4.75
Latte S 3.75 M 4.75
Americano Double 2.75 Quad 4

                                                   Drift Crafted Specialties

Turkish Latte 4.50/5.50 – Espresso, Choice of Milk, Cardamom, Cinnamon, All Spice 

Be Zen Latte 5.50/6.50 -25MG CBD, Espresso, Ube (Purple Sweet Potato Powder), House Made Lavender Syrup, Choice of Milk

Oats ‘n Honey  4.75/5.75- Espresso, Raw Honey, Frothed Cinnamon Oat Milk

Coconut Pie 4.50/5.50- Espresso, House Made Coconut Syrup, Coconut, Cinnamon, Choice of Milk

Chai Latte 3.50/4.50 – Premium Loose Leaf Marsala Chai, Choice of Milk + Vanilla Bean

Mocha- 4.50/5.50 – Espresso, Vegan Chocolate Syrup, Choice of Milk, Raw Cacao

Matcha Latte 4.50/5.50 – Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha + Choice of Milk

Tranquil Thai Iced Tea- 25MG CBD, Thai Red Tea, Coconut Milk, House Made Coconut Syrup

Seasonal Signature House Made Syrups Can Be Added To Any Coffee, Latte or Tea Beverage.   +0.75

Vanilla Bean/ Butter Pecan/ Coconut Cream Pie/ Lavender/ Cookie Dough

Coffee Beverage Upgrades $2.00: Collegan Pepties/ Vegan Protien Powder/ 25MG CBD 

Milk Options: Whole Milk/ Skim Milk/ Coconut Milk .50/ Oat Milk .50/ Almond Milk .50

Premium Loose Leaf Tea (Hot or Iced) 2.75 M 3.25 L 3.75
Jasmine Green Tea / English Breakfast
Masala Chai / Hibiscus / Lemon-Ginger/ Cinnamon Plum

Newport, RI