All Day Sandwiches

Choice of Toast / Bagel / Wrap

B.E.C.– Cage Free Eggs, Bacon, White Cheddar* 7.50

Good Morning– Cage Free Eggs, Cheddar, Bacon Tomato, Spinach Chipotle Aioli* 8.50

Wake Up – Cage Free Eggs, ABF Chicken Sausage Organic Spinach Roasted Red Pepper
Goat Cheese* 8.50

Shake your Tailfeather – Chipotle Chicken Salad, Roasted Miso Cashews Organic Spinach, Tomato 8.50

Brie Nice – Melted Brie, Sliced Apple, Raspberry Perserves, Grilled On Choice of Sourdough or Multigrain 7.50

Get Buff – Buffalo Chicken Salad, Tomato, Organic Spinach, Goat Cheese Crumbles 9

Egg Bomb – Cage Free Eggs, ABF Chicken Sausage, Hash Brown Bacon White Cheddar  9.50

B.S.T- Bacon, Tomato, Spinach, Avocado, Citrus Greek Yogurt Aioli* 8.50


Newport, RI

Tuesday - Sunday

8am – 4pm